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Why Business Owners Have Not Computerised Their Accounts The Secret of TAS’s Success
Step-by-Step Tutorial Save Hours and Hours of Work
Management Accounts - 'Pictures' of Your Business Awarded Best Accounting Software
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Why Business Owners Have Not Computerised Their Accounts

If you are still writing your books by hand, spreadsheet, or even using computerised accounting software, you can now save hours of tedious and repetitive work. Surprisingly, many business owners have not yet computerised their accounts. And those who have, often complain it’s too complicated. Why? Because accounting software, until now, was time-consuming to learn and more complicated to use than doing accounts by hand. But now, TAS Software makes accounting easy, and dramatically faster.

TAS stands for The Accounting Solution and we are so confident at TAS that we invite you to try this software "risk free" for 30 days. If you like it, keep it, if not simply return it to the point of purchase with 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price. Guaranteed!

Tens of thousands of business owners and accountants who have already installed TAS Books chose it because it is the easiest software to learn and use, and puts you in total control of the financial results they produce.

The Secret of TAS’s Success

The secret of TAS’s success lies in the ‘breakthrough’ Account Processor™ Technology. This makes entering data and using the software as easy as using a word processor or spreadsheet. It’s just like doing accounts by hand. If you have made a mistake, you simply display the details and re-enter the correct figure.

No other accounting package has this. Others all "lock" entries in. Once entered you cannot easily change them. And if they’re wrong, you have to do complicated ‘journals’ to correct them.

TAS is completely flexible. If mistakes are made, all entries can be retrieved, edited and corrected, so they accurately reflect your source documents (invoices, cheques, statements, etc.).

Naturally you can password protect this ability, and all changes are recorded in the audit trail.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Anyone can now learn sufficient book-keeping to a useful standard in just a few days! TAS has written what’s probably the best and easiest to understand accounting tutorial I’ve ever seen. After a ‘Quick Look’ and overview of the system, the tutorial clearly shows you step-by-step how to deal with virtually every financial event in business.

You can continuously compare your entries with the ones in the book and measure your progress, accuracy and success. When completed, you will have dealt with all elements of VAT, invoices, receipts, payments, over- and under-payments, bounced cheques, bank reconciliation, write-offs, aged invoice reports (to help get the money in), the lot!

You even learn to understand "double entry" in minutes going through the live examples on your PC. It’s tremendously beneficial in understanding more about your business’s financial status. Many accountants have complimented TAS on the clarity of this tutorial. Besides the QuickStart Tutorial you also get a Reference Guide.

And since computing or accounting may not be your main line of business, any other questions you have will soon be answered by our friendly telephone helpdesk.

During individual one-to-one consultations, they will offer advice, answer questions and deal with any problems you may have. Surveys show that TAS is consistently the No.1 entry-level business software company in the User Satisfaction and Recommendation Table. (Source: Accountancy Age and TBC Research). TAS Software has won the last three years' Accountancy Age Software of the Year Awards.

The help desk is open on Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm, and depending on the package purchased, unlimited support is included for up to 12 months. Thereafter it is subscribed to at a low annual cost.

Note that this service also includes free upgrades to later versions of the software. See also the ‘Price Considerations’ section because others charge extra for this!

Save Hours and Hours of Work

Never again sit for hours adding columns of figures, reconciling bank statements, doing VAT returns, adding up income and expenses, and worry about your year end accounts. TAS software does all this for you! You enter figures just once. The software then calculates everything for you, with simple keyboard commands.

For instance, VAT returns take just minutes and are 100% accurate the first time. Other calculations that only few would do themselves, like profit and loss statements, cash flows, weekly and monthly trading results, balance sheets, year-end accounts, they all take just minutes to prepare. The speed and ease of use is remarkable. This is serious software and it speeds through complicated accounting calculations in seconds. Also, because it is Windows based, it looks good. Every account ledger and analysis screen is a pleasure to work on.

A feature called ‘drill down’ lets you double-click on every transaction line and display the underlying invoice details (see also section 5 - Advanced Features).

If your business is small, medium or large, TAS software will handle every accounting event you’ll ever need, with ease.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 100 customers or 100,000, TAS is powerful and professional with an array of functions that leave all other accounting software way behind.

Management Accounts - 'Pictures' of Your Business

Do you want to know the real financial status of your business at any time? TAS has advanced analysis and chart/graph displays that give you an entire 'picture' of your business in less than 60 seconds.

At any time, you can look at your bank balance and get a complete breakdown of all your trading figures to date, including sales, expenditure, profit margins, profit percent, available cash. You can even identify your best customers, best salespeople, best trading weeks at a glance and even your best advertising response. No other software can do this!

In short, TAS accounting software is the most advanced, user-friendly, and practical accounting and business software available.

When you install it and use it daily, you cannot help but run a better-managed, more tightly controlled, financially aware business.

Your accountant and bank manager will appreciate your financial knowledge and organisation. In fact, more and more accountants are choosing TAS over other software - over 57,000 companies have bought TAS and recommend it to their business clients.

Awarded Best Accounting Software

So impressed are the magazines, accountants and institutions, that TAS Software has won more than 20 awards, recommendations and accreditations, including the last three years’ Accountancy Age 'Software of the Year' awards.

TAS Books was the first entry-level accounting system to be awarded the formal recommendation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (the ICAEW).

TAS was the first entry-level system to receive the European BASDA / Ernst & Young EMU accreditation. It was the first ever system to receive the BASDA / HM Customs and Excise VAT accreditation plus an additional 17 industry and magazine awards!

Why is the business world full of praise for TAS? Because it is the only software on the market that has such unrivalled functionality and ease of use, and offers such good value.

All TAS software incorporates the breakthrough 'Account PrcessorTM' technology which makes even the most complicated accounts as simple as using a word processor. It’s the only accounting software that lets you make any number of changes to the figures you’ve entered, so they’re 100% correct, just the same as making changes in Microsoft Word.

Price Considerations

Naturally, the price of your accounting system is important. But the rule "you get what you pay for" does not always apply. As a company, TAS Software is No.1 for functions, features, value and service. Which is why it has won more awards than all the other UK accounting systems put together. When deciding which software to buy there are three important considerations:

Purchase Price – Based on your budget, naturally the price of the software is important. But more to the point, is the software right for you and the business you're in? With some accounting software companies "small business" usually means "big compromise". This is not the case with TAS.

Throughout the TAS product range, the functionality of the core accounting systems is exactly the same. What changes is its suitability to your business. With the higher-end products you get added functionality such as multiple departments, salesperson and marketing support, and/or full stock control and purchase order processing.

Price of Functionality - If you have £200K turnover and just twenty product lines, you need detailed product and customer sales analysis. You don't need stock control. This will answer questions such as "What did you sell to whom, at what price, what discount did your customers get and what was your margin? Some software may satisfy your business needs today, but create limitations tomorrow.

Price of Support - TAS provides the best support in the business (source: Accountancy Age - TBC Research) but there is more - you need to consider the lifetime cost of choosing the software. Both accounting and payroll software are "mission critical" applications and are subject to legislation changes and are continually improved. Sooner or later you will require product support and legislative upgrades to the software. The sales and support prices of TAS Software are lower than all competitors and are inclusive of upgrades to newer and later versions of the payroll and accounting software. Other companies charge extra for this service!

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee - TAS Software supplies its products with an Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Ask yourself why no other major accounting software suppliers offer this guarantee.

With TAS your purchase is fully protected. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not 100% impressed with your TAS software — the hours it saves you, the ease of use throughout, the quick start instructions and step-by-step tutorial that’ll teach you business accounting in days, and the multi-analysis functions, graphs and pie charts you can use to see a complete financial "picture" of your business at any time, together with the fact that TAS is the best, most helpful accounting software you can buy, we are so confident in TAS that we invite you to try this software "risk free" for 30 days. If you like it, keep it. If not, simply return it to the point of purchase within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price of the software. This money back guarantee does not cover any ancillary goods or services that were provided with the software.

No questions asked. I think you’ll agree this is the fairest proposal TAS can offer you. And an offer not available from any other accounting software supplier.